Key corporate and technical terms

Carbon footprint

Total volume of greenhouse gas emissions, e.g. CO2, that can be attributed to an organisation, an event, a product or a person

Global Compact

Global initiative for businesses launched by the United Nations with the aim of shaping social and ecological globalisation

High-efficiency motor

Extremely efficient electric drive

International Project Management Association

Globally active project management and certification association

ISO 14001

International standard under which companies can obtain certification for the integration of environmental protection in their management system


Relief fund of Asian KSB companies that support educational institutions


Monitoring unit that indicates whether a pump is operating efficiently and economically

Rare earths

Minerals found mainly in China and Australia, which are necessary for key technologies such as electronics

Solar thermal energy

Conversion of solar energy into usable thermal energy

Efficiency classes IE1, IE2 and IE3

New international classification for motors (IE = International Efficiency)

IE1 = standard efficiency

IE2 = high efficiency

IE3 = premium efficiency



American National Standards Institute


Collective abbreviation for the emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China


Customer Relationship Management


Economic Value Added:

Indicator established by calculating the difference between the return from the capital employed and the opportunity cost of that capital over a defined period of time. A positive figure represents the value the company has added.

FM / UL Standard

Factory Mutual Research Corp / Underwriters‘ Laboratories:
US standard for products used in fire protection


International Financial Reporting Standards (previously IAS)


International Labour Organisation:
Special United Nations organisation that defines international labour and social standards


International Organisation for Standardisation

SAP ERP system

Enterprise Resource Planning System:
SAP software application that supports all business-relevant areas of a company